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Conveyancing & Property Law

Our passion and expertise lie in property law and we constantly strive to raise the bar in all aspects of property law. As experts in the South African property market, we use innovative ways to connect communities, clients & people and deliver a service to our clients which is built on 100% accountability and 0% excuses. 

Our vast network of multi-disciplinary experts enables us to provide excellent client service in all required fields, ensuring all our clients receive the legal dedication they deserve.

Our Firm deals with the transfer of immovable property as well as mortgage bond registrations on behalf of various financial institutions.

Our Conveyancing Department ensures sellers and estate agents are equipped to attend to property due diligence before marketing and selling a property.  This ensures a smooth conveyancing transfer process.

Our firm deals with all matters relating to property that are not only conveyancing or notarial in nature. Our firm further attends to residential and commercial leases, evictions and rental disputes, complaints to the CSOS ombudsman, negotiation and drafting of complex servitude, notarial tie, and other conveyancing and notarial transactions, all types of sale and lease agreements, and all aspects of credit security including notarial bonds, suretyship agreements, indemnities, guarantees, and mortgage bonds.