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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

H&M will always deliver a unique client experience, we strive to form a partnership with each client and assure them of our specialised attention and the best possible outcome. We focus on simple solutions while showing our clients excellence and our willingness to listen. 

We specialise in all aspects of litigation and we pride ourselves on an aggressive yet professional approach that ensures total client satisfaction and loyalty. We are dedicated to offering an effective dispute solution while providing the best value for money for our clients. Regardless of whether you are a plaintiff, defendant, applicant, respondent, or an interested party; we believe it is important to know your rights, options, and recourses available.

Alternative Dispute Resolution has further become extremely popular in today’s times. Alternative Dispute Resolution ensures a competent order and is a far less lengthy process as time periods are monitored and any extension requested by a party must first be granted by the Arbitrator.

Our firm has litigated against major players, inter alia:

  • Big law firms within South Africa;
  • The Competition Commission;
  • The Gauteng Department of Economic Development;
  • Major players in South Africa’s Property Investment sector;
  • Prominent Investment Holding Companies.