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Estate Planning & Administration

Estate Planning

As human beings, we acquire property and other assets throughout our life and with the use of a Will, these properties and other assets can be divided between our loved ones after our passing.  

It is important to have a Will so that you can decide who the beneficiaries and the executor of your Estate should be when you die.  A Will also allows you to appoint a guardian of your choice to take care of your minor children when you die. 

If you die without a Will, your estate which will consist of all your property, monies, and other assets, will be distributed in terms of the Intestate Succession which means that it will go to beneficiaries whom you may not have wished to benefit and exclude the people whom you would have liked to benefit.  A Curator will also be appointed to take care of the property of your minor children and the monies will go to the Guardians Fund.  A different Guardian than whom you might have wanted to take care of your minor children might also be appointed 

Estate planning and your income tax planning to structure go hand in hand. Our firm aims to advise you with the best solution to protect your assets and minimise the payment of estate duty.

Administration of Estates

Our firm will assist in the interpretation of Wills and legal issues pertaining to a person’s death. This includes but is not limited to all dealings with the Master of the High Court, ascertaining of assets and liabilities, the winding up of the deceased estate, the resolution of disputes and claims of all creditors and heirs, the payment of liabilities, and the distribution of the assets to beneficiaries.